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Fear not the Storm Cathal Liam book FEAR NOT THE STORM: The Story of Tom Cullen, An Irish Revolutionary is a true-life novel, a gently fictionalised biography, about an obscure young man who became part of Ireland’s leadership as it struggled for freedom from British rule in the early years of the twentieth century. Cullen’s baptism of fire occured while serving as a young Irish Volunteer during Dublin’s 1916 Easter Uprising. After his arrest, internment and finally his release, he returned to Dublin and embarked upon a life full of danger and intrigue. Serving as one of Michael Collins’s intelligence officers, Tom matched wits with some of Britain’s most dangerous spies and ruthless assassins. Later, after the Truce, this West Wicklow man became Collins’s bodyguard, confident and a major-general in Ireland’s new Free State army. Indeed, Irish independence could not have been achieved without the sacrifices of such ‘behind-the-scenes’ individuals such as Tom Cullen. Cathal Liam’s new book pays tribute to Tom and his life so richly lived. (ISBN 0970415532) $16.00/510 pages [Available February, 2011.]
Blood on the Shamrock Cathal Liam book BLOOD ON THE SHAMROCK: A Novel of Ireland’s Civil War (ISBN: 0970415524), $17.00/594 pages…[2nd printing is currently out-of-stock, but it’s available as a Kindle e-book ($6.99) on]This work of historical fiction continues the chronicle of Aran Roe O’Neill, a fictional Irishman, and his tenacious comrades, both real and imaginary. Together they reluctantly renew their struggle for Ireland’s long-denied Republic as friends, brothers and former comrades face-off in bitter Civil War. The action is triggered by the divisive treaty Dublin’s fledgling government negotiates with members of London’s parliamentary leadership. But almost overnight, the green hills of Eireann turn red again-blood red-as the bitter dregs of Anglo-Irish politics erupt into unholy civil war, the reprecussions of which are destined to sully the dream of Irish unity for years to come.
Forever Green Cathal Liam book FOREVER GREEN: Ireland Now and Again (ISBN: 0970415540), $14.00/262 pages, [Now out-of-print, but copies are available from second-hand book sellers.]
Comsumed in Freedom Flame Cathal Liam book CONSUMED IN FREEDOMS FLAME: A Novel of Ireland’s Struggle for Freedom 1916-1921 (ISBN:0970415516 ) $15.00/447 pages…The 8th printing, 6th in paperback, is currently out-of-stock, but it’s available as a Kindle e-book ($6.99) on [Hardcover editions are out-of-print.]This is the exciting story of fictional hero Aran Roe O’Neill and his resolute commitment to Ireland and its quest for independence. The story weaves fact and fiction around the exploits of this youthful Irishman and his adventurous friends, both historical and imagined, from Dublin’s 1916 Easter Rebellion through the ensuing 1919-1921 Irish War for Independence.
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Where else can I obtain copies? FEAR NOT THE STORM [February, 2011], BLOOD ON THE SHAMROCK & CONSUMED IN FREEDOM’S FLAME may be ordered/purchased directly from your favourite bookseller or on-line. Some speciality Internet book-buying sources include…
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