I write a monthly column centered on recent Irish happenings, including my impressions and personal reflections, in an Irish newspaper, the Ohio Irish American News. Entitled ‘A Letter From Ireland,’ it is available online soon after the first of each month at I guess you might say it’s my own form of ‘blogging’.

I’m also happy to report that my fourth book, Fear Not The Storm, The Story of Tom Cullen, An Irish Revolutionary, was published in February, 2011. Originally, back in early 2010, I’d picked the pub date of October, 2010, but met with some unexpected delays. Then, as summer drew to an end, it was clear the October date was unrealistic, so I hoped for a Christmas release. That date too proved unworkable. Finally, everything came together at the end of December with the book rolling off the press in early February. Looking back, it was a true labour of love and I’m quite pleased with my efforts. Its 512 pages and 51 photographs all help tell Tom’s story.

As a matter of course, it follows Ireland’s 20th-century struggle for independence from British rule and details Tom’s close relationship with Michael Collins among others. As the book’s promotional literature states: “Tom Cullen led an extraordinary life, flirting with death and danger at every turn. He was a friend and colleague to some of Ireland’s most celebrated personalities and legendary heroes. His rebellious story captures the imagination. From a lad growing up in rural Ireland at the turn of the 20th century to freedom fighter, intelligence officer, counter-spy and finally, a major-general in Ireland’s new Free State army, Tom Cullen was one of Ireland’s most unheralded but truly remarkable revolutionaries of modern time. The book is a true-life novel and gently-fictionalised biography that centres on Ireland’s 1916 Uprising, its War for Independence and its tragic Civil War. It’s a must read for any Irish history enthusiast….”

Please God, you’ll enjoy the read and I look forward to hearing from you and reading your comments about my column and the new book. All the best…Is Mise, Cathal